Monthly Archives: June 2013

The writings on the wall
Above all
No eyes reach high
Too clean
The answer
No one cares
Only I stare
All unaware
Of my insight
My delight
Held tight
Just look
See what’s on the wall
No need to be tall
Everyone has the answer
To humanities cancer
But no one wants it
Though it’s brightly lit
The stairway out of the shit
So it stays
For all to see
An unheard voice
In this worlds choice


Keep me long on this dusty path,
It winds beyond the distance.
Before I passed the marker
I found I was the distance,
Beyond the stares of stars.

Beneath a shrouded sky,
Clouds heavy. Dark chalk,
Dirty and swollen. Not after,
When the burden fell on me,
Making me heavy as the float away.

The best memories of life
Come from the early days
Youthful spirit
Doing nothing
Enjoying every moment
The sun always shines bright
In those early days
The fun wouldn’t last
Coming up to fast
To find the rest of life
Filled with lost moments
Childhood a dream
Present becomes grey
The colour worn away

You pay for the early days
The dug called youth
Because you’ll always come down
And have the stomach ache of life

Still, with the air of movement
An elastic band taught
Between thumb and forefinger
The whistle
The hiss
The rumble
Quietly gliding on tracks
A steady up down rhythm
The pull of a corner
And all is quiet except
The rhythm
And now the pull
The engine powered for acceleration
The beats per minute accelerating
Speed metal without the annoying screams
This isn’t Selby
And I don’t plan on being a prophet
The tower blocks whizz past with a wave
And a stone

Deaths embrace
A place
Many writers embrace
In their literature
Describing it as sweet
Cold, foul
Hidden in the dark
Or in a wolfs lonely howl
They describe it
So well
With words chosen
So well
But when they died
(If they’re dead)
I wonder
Did they think
Back to the way
They embraced the
The phrase to describe
Deaths embrace
I wonder
Did they think
Their description
The coming of death
Or was their last wish
To change
Their description
Of deaths inevitable embrace.

Standing on an infinite plane
With no boundaries between
Here and forevers Nothing
No light
No dark
Just existence
No horizon
Sky becoming ground
No distinction between the two
Nothing but me
And everything
And a haze in the distant above
That quickly becomes a pure white
Winged horse
So unreal in the emptiness of it all
It sets down beside me
And looks
I know why it is here
And with great sadness
I shake my head and decline
As I set off into forever
The barren plane of my mind
Knowing I will never get out
Until I find how I got here