Monthly Archives: July 2013

Force the words to present themselves
Now I can frown
Whilst smiling
I just do it on the inside
The smiling
The frowning will always be apparent
Because I’m not happy most of the time
And what have I to be happy about?
The fact that I can write about how unhappy I am?
I’d rather be happy

I’m not depressed
I just don’t like the world I inhabit
Your world
Your meaning theirs

I am not a child
My life is mine to put in danger
You can jump out of a plane
Just don’t take LSD
You can risk spreading your brain across a square mile
Just don’t let it free
Whilst it’s in your head

Drugs aren’t the answer
They are just a question I wouldn’t mind
Being allowed to ask
If only to myself

Drug deaths can be counted in gunshots
And terminal shoot ups
From drugs mixed with criminal profit

Corporations kill with poverty
We kill each other for the scraps


Wasted lives in tarmac wastelands
Ringing the hives of pointless work
Brought up with nothing but a violent past

Escaping the world of reality
Through death in a needle
Following the tracks of time
Addicted but uncaring

Holidays to an unmapped world
Always finish with the same destination
Returning to a crumbling society
Never leaving until the end

These feet wildly stepping the ponderous late of night
Light and airy, floating anchors of an adrift ship
Divorced from severed salt docks, silently slipping away
Following the guilded path my mind and feet lay before
My wondrous sight, so glazed with cheery sanity
Purple to behold in chained star night of masked delight
shodowed trees hovering above my falsifying sight

Time scars the barren waste
Opening wounds
That bleed blue blood
The slow clashing of continents
Cause the land to rise
Making clouds climb higher
Delivering their burdens earlier
Causing the bleeding gashes
To deepen, lengthen
Slowly green appears
At the edge of the wound
Picking up speed
As it brings colour to the grey
Then disease takes hold
Taming the lands wounds
Laying waste to the green
Bringing back corrupted grey
The lands growing cancer
And here time waits
Patiently killing the disease
One by one
Waiting for the green again.

Millions addicted
To its magical effect
Sitting in a daze
Not seeing real life

Fictitious characters
With problems so real
Overtake our lives
With nothing left to feel

Square eyes see the world
Through thousands of dots
Not realising it’s false
With ridiculous plots

It’s not illegal to use
But you should see
This killer of free will
Is your own T.V.

It’s certainly strange
It’s incredibly fucked up

It’s incredibly strange
It’s certainly fucked up

I feel like
I should’ve stayed at home

I feel like
I’m in the Twilight Zone

The walls are closing in on me
The world is no longer free
Give me a match
I’ll burn down the trees
Give me a clue
Blind from Anti-freeze


The walls are crumbling around me
Nothing in the world is free
Give me the cash
I’ll buy all the trees
Give me the bottle
I need more Anti-freeze


The walls where all built by me
I paid for what was free
Give me a gun
I’ll defend the trees
Give me a gun
Insane from Anti-freeze


The bong
The doorway
The driver of my journey
When unloaded
A simple bottomless bottle
In a pool of tepid water
Held in a plastic bucket

When loaded
Holding the mix
On a foil thin cap
It holds power
The power of imagination

I unload the full bong
It blows off the back of my head
Opening my mind to thought

I can only think of one thing
But as I understand
It splits
A thousand ideas in one

My creative mind spills out
Understanding it all
The crazy world
My insane life

The smoke hits again
I dive deeper
My soul an ocean
With hidden pearls
I’ve left the known universe
Visiting the world stoned

I am not alone
My fellow travellers sit around
All in a rough circle
Surrounding the graven image
A false god
Performing miracles for thousands

As I sit with my space age friends
I think of the public eye
Seeing us as dropouts
Our purpose?
To get high
But most of us lead normal lives
Using the bong to escape

We’re not criminal minds
Thugs, losers or sleaze
We’re not low in IQ
So don’t judge us please
We’re seen as evil
Because our drugs are illegal
So we live in secret
Because society fears it

So as I sit at the bong
My mind racing along
You’ve seen the working of my mind
Seen the soul of my kind
You may not understand
What lays in the palm of your hand
But you’ll keep it
Because it looks pretty
Better than a cement city

Glancing at these thought of mine
Understanding a bit at a time
I hope you never know it all
But if you do
Give me a call
You can join me for a bong
I’ll pull it thick and creamy
To the sound of your favourite song