Session Pt3

The bong
The doorway
The driver of my journey
When unloaded
A simple bottomless bottle
In a pool of tepid water
Held in a plastic bucket

When loaded
Holding the mix
On a foil thin cap
It holds power
The power of imagination

I unload the full bong
It blows off the back of my head
Opening my mind to thought

I can only think of one thing
But as I understand
It splits
A thousand ideas in one

My creative mind spills out
Understanding it all
The crazy world
My insane life

The smoke hits again
I dive deeper
My soul an ocean
With hidden pearls
I’ve left the known universe
Visiting the world stoned

I am not alone
My fellow travellers sit around
All in a rough circle
Surrounding the graven image
A false god
Performing miracles for thousands

As I sit with my space age friends
I think of the public eye
Seeing us as dropouts
Our purpose?
To get high
But most of us lead normal lives
Using the bong to escape

We’re not criminal minds
Thugs, losers or sleaze
We’re not low in IQ
So don’t judge us please
We’re seen as evil
Because our drugs are illegal
So we live in secret
Because society fears it

So as I sit at the bong
My mind racing along
You’ve seen the working of my mind
Seen the soul of my kind
You may not understand
What lays in the palm of your hand
But you’ll keep it
Because it looks pretty
Better than a cement city

Glancing at these thought of mine
Understanding a bit at a time
I hope you never know it all
But if you do
Give me a call
You can join me for a bong
I’ll pull it thick and creamy
To the sound of your favourite song


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