Untitled 10

Force the words to present themselves
Now I can frown
Whilst smiling
I just do it on the inside
The smiling
The frowning will always be apparent
Because I’m not happy most of the time
And what have I to be happy about?
The fact that I can write about how unhappy I am?
I’d rather be happy

I’m not depressed
I just don’t like the world I inhabit
Your world
Your meaning theirs

I am not a child
My life is mine to put in danger
You can jump out of a plane
Just don’t take LSD
You can risk spreading your brain across a square mile
Just don’t let it free
Whilst it’s in your head

Drugs aren’t the answer
They are just a question I wouldn’t mind
Being allowed to ask
If only to myself

Drug deaths can be counted in gunshots
And terminal shoot ups
From drugs mixed with criminal profit

Corporations kill with poverty
We kill each other for the scraps


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