Patience terminal like I’ve been waiting for death
Since the first breath and the last exhale
Lose or fail
There is a difference if you listen to the syllables
But that means paying attention
And I’m skint
Poor as fair trade
War like where the guns are made
Dictators with strings attached
We’ll sell you weapons and give you cash back
Just don’t feed the people
Make them work for this gift
Giving in
Giving in
The only present your ever going to get
The only past you can ever accept
The future is yours to reject
But freedom is a rapist with cable tie bonds
Keeping you stable while the abuse goes on
And on
And on
And so we forget the song
The chorus stays with us
The watered down message
There are too many lessons
To learn
Too many flags to burn
Nations with enough couldn’t give a fuck
About friends and neighbours down on their luck
Write off the debt
And then sell them food
At prices inflated like the egos of over the seas pirates
That control pilots via remote control
That drop bombs to fend off the cold
Burning bodies and relieving the soul


I often write about words
I feel they are a subject worth noting
So I write sentences
That leave the pen smoking with fire
Fresh from invention
Quoting guttural noises
With a tongue crushed by it’s own ability
To be a communicator
And sooner or later my head will turn
To face the sun with it’s eye burning
My cornea retina lashes
I blink with the ashes

I blink with the ashes
As the crashes echo around my empty vision
Of once were buildings
Now rubble and a sound that stops at my ears
An empty world with dried up seas
Valleys where whales have evolved to grow
Caterpillar tracks and smoking stacks
Dolphin packs stalk the skies with jet engines
And telescopic eyes
Men burrow through the rock with drill hands
And stomachs that digest sand
Surviving in tunnels that honeycomb the crust
Hiding from the creatures
That for so long hid in the depths of the oceans
Giant black triangles that exist only in two dimensions
Invisible until they attack
Moving through the air just out of sight
As they surf sight lines
Enveloping their prey in their void
Then gone
Out of sight
Leaving fear and confusion
And a faint smell of sulphur in the air*
They hunt only humans
As they do not need to eat
They are not feeding
They are taking revenge
We made the water leave
The seas did not rise as we had predicted
The hole in the ozone layer did changed the sea levels
In a way we could never have predicted
The south pole began to grow
As the north shrunk
Then the south started to rise up
A mountain began to form
The peak rose by the day
The water ice was flowing up
Glaciers in reverse
Building a single peak
That was soon taller than Everest
At the same time
The sea levels began to fall
People started to get worried
World leaders took it upon themselves
To guide us through the crisis
What it took
They thought
Was a lot of heat
So they sent men with flame throwers
Lots of men with flamethrowers
Then napalm
Lots of napalm
Incendiary bombs
Lots of laser guided missiles
Some of which went off course
And killed lots of the men with flamethrowers
So they used radio controlled missiles
And this time it was just a few penguins
That died at the hands of high technology
They blasted the area with lasers that they could of sworn
Weren’t there when those satellites were shot into space
But to no avail
The mountain just got bigger
So the world leaders all got together
Talked long and hard all through the night
And came to a decision
They moved all the men out
All the planes
All the penguins
And when the area was clear
They sent in the nukes
That sorted things out
For all of about two days
In which time
The mountain returned to its former glory
And the sea levels were still falling
And the leaders gave up
They had no more ideas
And as the mountain grew
And the seas shrank
They melted away with their power
And their impotence their only lasting stain
On once was society
And the mountain grew
Past the atmosphere
Through the hole in the ozone layer
The water began to escape
When the peak was a mile out
The whole top broke off
Shattering off into space
Spinning off in the opposite direction of the Earth
The birth of a comet
Many more mountainous masses spun off
Before history becomes lost
All that is known
Is that not all the water made it
Some had to stay behind just so the rest could leave
So now there is water to be found
But it is dangerous
The humans that hunt water are barely human
Barely alive
It’s the only way they survive
In the deep dark
Where the heat is like a wall
And they have to wait
Breathing air that dries your throat
To a sandpaper rasp
Hoping to catch some water unawares
For water is no longer a placid creature
Many have drowned hunting in the depths
Or worse
Scalded to death on jets of steam
Ripped apart by geysers
The water knows what we are
What we did
And it wants revenge
Just like everything else on this
Once was Earth
Life was spread with the ice
Millions of seeds and bacteria
Forming an Ark
To escape a dying planet
Infected with the human virus
The remaining waters responsibility
Lay in keeping the rest of the Earths life
So it kept itself readily available
To any creature that needed it
Humans are alone
There are no allies
So we live underground
Fighting wars with monstrosities
We created

Overhead overslept wet thebed and never said
A truer word who has heard the absurd third man theory
Near me bleary eyed so alight over sight never right. I find delight
Another night not quite shouting fate no moves
Three turns checkmate heavens gate suicide traits over rate
Tendencies question the lessons meant a s medicine or sedative
Never give two shits about who’s wit fits
Oh so neat I never speak only in tongues
Gums and all thumbs upset tums with the glum numb over rung
Under hung wonder drugs upset thugs write to mum
Prison fishing with the mission fission of revoloution this fusion
Cruising for a bruising of your own choosing just an illusion
Who’s in, I’m out what the fuck you gonna shout about.

Bring the noise you annoy with your coy boys with ypiodhgdhe ai acabmnt even get the words out of yopur head you atrreio dhhdiyhdkswddhyso fiucking what atere ayou doijn g the words neecd to come out yiopiuuytr can trraed theios

The time is now we shot this triot \i dfight I never have

Wgaty the world need is another heroe and its all of our turn
Fight the poer never a truer word spoke
Fight the desire Pumped in adverts
I t hurts but so does slow suice. Hide your face
I n what you always lost
Theis suppository life
Give me that fucking knife
Not so loud you’ll wake the heigbours
Give me your tongue, iver run

Ha ha ha ha ha ha
Wh’s laughibg now?

Bleeding gums Murphy
Bleeding tongue surfing
Words spoken in blood bubble
Waves of clotting mouth.

Tempo tempo tempo

Just coufgh

Hold out your hand
Hold out a broken fist and make a wish this is the blis of nuclear kiss all tongues all outspoken

Came round today always come round. Overerun the falling heroes from nothing to zeroe in a couple of moves puzzle me this batman. Riddle dirrdle riddle me hiss snake eyes.

Your just another polluted future
Force fed fordce fed
Fiporvce force fotrce fed future
For ce feeeed me symour
Honey for the bee keeper
Force fed sweet future

There may have been an end in all of this in all of those brake lights
Break no brake
Hold me until it stops turning
Hold me so we can both get off
Get off
Choke me until it music stops hold my breath with all your mighty mouse
Wonder tom mockery mickery dickery dock
Our clock tick tocks with a sock full of billiard ball
Where’s your tool
Timmy o’toole
Stool pigeoops pigeons
Bar flies/fly awnyay
Picfh me onather one for this tall tale told ain small
Untold are the best best best best
Untell this one untell this one over here
This one won’t go untold
Blood car pools in the family loss lane
Lost lanes wind in this road
Wind in this willow tall tale
Untell this is where we are
Bookmarks on double yellow lines
Did you want where that was designed for this small roadsigfn of the times

Hold me baby one more time
That’s my neck down the line
That’s my chalk out line
Sniffer dog teams at the airport
Pierce the cry of take the metal
Detect the keys beltbuckle metal rings on my shoes
Nearly naked like chainmail knights
Metal plated head
Seratted edge
Placated meaning led
Forced and mulnutreated underfed
Third world turmoil
Western served toil
Let the melting pot boil

It’just a lesson learnt, to be absurd, and all that jazz
Lets swing it with the new born fad
I had a time and is was good
I am I said and I am
A small part of myslf
At any given time and that I think is it
But even so it’s what it is
They care and stare
But who cares no one these days, any day
Because it’s wrong to think the past was any fucking different
And yes it does make me angry
Constantly looking to the stars
Looking into the physical
Don’t call me mystical because I’m not.
This may come as a shock to some but
There is no soul
I’m afraid not. There is no higher understanding that way
We are creatures. Animals
And that is what we forget
And yet we see it in every creature
We have been led to believe that we are different
Sons of God
We’re just top of the foodchain and that’s because we adapted.
We left the physical behind a long time ago
When we sharpened flints and emblazoned our birth in history
Our history, and it’s fair to say we have had an effect on this planet
But we haven’t changed ourselves, our brains are pretty much the same, we just
Figured out how to fill it with junk
We created societies, all with hierarchies
We are hive animals, striving for structure, and to be at the top
And it is those at the the top that most corrupt our race
Forcing it to adhere to their need to stay in control
Through manipulation of the truth, warping of reality
Because we are basic, and our perception is flawed
We don’t see what’s real, we interpret reality
And make it our own. We can’t comprehend the basic beauty
Of this universe. We’re looking for answers that aren’t there
What we think we know isn’t even one piece of the jigsaw.
And it’s a big jigsaw
We will never understand. Not the way we’re going.
Fuck Physics. Fuck Astrology. Fuck your Theories.
There is no theories. Life merely is. We merely are. Death is the end.
So just enjoy it
And that’s not all, because religion ain’t that great either
Especially those that are based on some great father figure
The all powerful master of everything
Someone to worship and blame
Many have been washed away in the tides of change
Denounced as fraudulent authors of creation
Gods only last as long as the people that believe in them
They are just exscuses
Reasons for control, because someone has to
Read from the bible
Sacrifice the virgins
Get buried in the pyramid
Distractions from the truth
We live to abuse ourselves
Masochistic masturbators

Night time. It’s been night time for a while now. I haven’t seen daylight in weeks. I think I may of died. I’m still breathing.

Forget me. Forget you. I’ve lost my memory.

I don’t know who I was.

I am NonSo. I was never anything else. I couldn’t be. Two opposites can’t be contained in the same place at the same time. Two opposites. I need to find their opposites. That will make me complete.

Opposite to what is the question. Two opposites. Dark and silence are two opposites. Light and loud are their opposites. Why is it so hard to find opposites to my opposites?

Everything is an opposite. The absence of everything always leaves something, even if it’s nothing. Nothing is an opposite.

To be in touch with my dark half I must at least have a light side. Opposites don’t always exist. There is no silence, only deafness and death. The sound of rotting flesh is true silence. The sound of decomposition. Compositions of the macabre.

I am NonSo. I don’t know who that is. I only know myself as a name. No personality. No history.

No punctuation. Full stops and capital letters. Apostrophes hint at dialect.

Contradiction is an addiction. I can’t help but prove myself wrong.

This may be a poem written in prose.

Who knows?

My eyes have been plucked by circling crows.

Grammar checks. No one tells me how to write. These aren’t my words but they are all you’ll understand. My own language lies in dream logic.

Time does not exist. Sight does not exist. We interpret the truth as a lie.

Seeing without logic. A life without order. Minds stuck in a rut. Nothing ends and nothing begins.

It’s how you move.

Pop culture permeates like puss on a plaster. Whip scarred masters order from drive throughs. Thrus. Frews. Human skin shoes.

We created a god that created everything. Creating creation. God’s greatest gift to his creation was the ability to create. We made ourselves God.

Hurry. The road is long. The road has gone. The horizon unbroken by misspoken misquoting. Throat in, chest out, flout the shouts of strangers meant to maim. Your insults are tame my name is a migraine tramp train. I must refrain. There feels to be a block in the vein. High cholesterol and low blood sugar. Put on the cooker fancy a cuppa. Boiled in the pan, oiled in the land of soiled thinner hands that toil in the sands and recoil from the man. So I stand. A warrior of virtue, a curse too hurt you, shirts shoes and pants. This dance is a prance of necromance. We’ll wake the dead with a fled head, where’s the body, sorry. This ten ton lorry full of quarry stones and my ancestors bones. Homes are thrones to the deposed. The door stays closed and in these fits and throws made to know a whole lot more. My toes feel sore. My flows the cause that mows the lawns of pawns that fawn over clothes and yawn when warned of the storm that forms with horns and calls to stall the fall of all. This is where we alight. the night is a sight of shaken might not quite right, there never was delight, take flight these heights bite with teeth broken. Floating on a potion that motions my notions to closing. Stay frozen in sunlight, in summer and thunder, we plunder and number our days. These ways are the face of a human taste. Cannibals and zombies, Abercrombie and Londi. Sorry buy I hurry with slurry that carries my shackled rankle, I thank you. I spank fools. I pollute the whirlpool, this circle of mirth, this here is your hearse you’ve been chasing since birth. A curse is a blessing. A testing, a GCSE freeze on broken knees I feel this disease and believe in no cure to obscure to tour this broken land. Treble the devils insights, this night is a too high kite wings right skins tight like a drummed height quite how we got here is not clear, I fear the tears of my peers will queer the near sighted profit messiahs getting higher while we tire of liars that desire our lives be led in their service, have you heard this, I’m nervous, never give in as long as I’m living.