Licking strange doors
Leaving softly
Dark light settles down
Lifes sketchy drawings
Lifting, slowly drowning


A small dog gently slid past the stars as it headed for its final destination that was merely a few hundred miles away. It took up most of the small porthole that the dog had to look through. He sat there, panting with excitement as he drew nearer and nearer. Suddenly in the distance, ahead of the small rocket that held the dog, there was a sight that mystified the dog. It was a small man, sat in the lotus position, floating in the same direction as himself. As this strange phenomenon drew closer the dog noticed that he had no space suit on yet he was happily smoking a large joint that glowed bright red in the vacuum of space. As the rocket passed the long haired hippie he paused from smoking his rather large bifta and made the peace sign at the small dog.

Now the moon was even closer and the dog could make out the craters and large, empty seas. Then there came a horrible screech, as of a baby crying. The dog looked around his very limited field of view and there, right on the edge of his sight, was a small cat, in a roughly made space suit trying to get away from the speeding rocket.

Before he knew what he was doing the dog began to bark, purely out of instinct. He then grabbed the crude controls in front of him and made straight for the stranded cat. The cat knew what was coming but could do nothing about it as it could not project itself in any direction in the cold, emptiness of space.

The rocket roared straight at the cat, which was now frozen in fright, and then hit it at such a speed that it caused the cats carcass to fly out of its space suit and explode as all the oxygen was forced out of its body. The dog sniggered to itself as it straightened its course and headed directly for the moon.